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SPAQI Perioperative Medicine Fellowship Opportunity

SPAQI DFPM Application Information

Application Elements:

  • A personal statement describing the applicant’s current work environment, interest in perioperative medicine, and explanation of how the fellowship will enhance the applicant’s professional growth.
  • A brief overview of potential quality improvement project or topics of interest, along with anticipated barriers to completion of the project, and description of how the project may enhance the quality of perioperative care delivery in the physician’s own clinical system.
  • Current CV
  • Current member of SPAQI and in active clinical practice
  • A letter of support from a clinical supervisor describing the applicant’s leadership potential and clinical engagement.

Application Deadline: The completed application form must be received by August 1, 2023.

Notification to Applicants: The selection committee will review all applications and notify the mentee/mentor pairs by September 1, 2023

Fee: $5000 - Includes registration for one Perioperative Medicine Summit and fellow designation upon completion
Applications for the 2023-2024 fellowship program can be submitted now.

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