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SPAQI Perioperative Medicine Fellowship- Current Fellows

Welcome the current SPAQI Fellowship Class of 2022-2023!

We selected 5 individuals for our second class of fellows, representing the practice of perioperative medicine internationally and across a variety of practice settings:

  • SPAQI Fellowship Class of 2022-2023!

    • Kristen Kelley, MD: UC San Diego School of Medicine¬†

    • Meng Wang, MD, PhD: Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University

    • Joan M. Irizarry-Alvarado, MD: Mayo Clinic

    • Edie Shen, MD: University of Washington

    • Laura J. Ostapenko MD: West Virginia University

Mentors and Core Faculty

  • Dr. Jeanna Blitz, Anesthesiologist at Duke University and current President of SPAQI

  • Dr. Angela Edwards, Anesthesiologist at Wake Forest University and Past-President of SPAQI

  • Dr. Avital O’Glasser, Internist at Oregon Health & Science University and Vice-President of SPAQI

  • Dr. Kurt Pfeifer, Internist at the Medical College of Wisconsin and immediate Past-President of SPAQI

  • Dr. Angela Selzer, Anesthesiologist at the University of Colorado and Secretary of SPAQI

  • Dr. Kenneth Cummings, Anesthesiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and Chair of the SPAQI Communications Committee

We are extremely grateful to the SPAQI Board of Governors for their support and their valuable contributions as moderators for the virtual discussions. The fellowship program will provide invaluable mentorship and faculty development opportunities to our SPAQI members.