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SPAQI Perioperative Medicine Fellowship Overview

Distinguished Fellows of Perioperative Medicine

Distinguished Perioperative Medicine Fellows are the next generation of leaders with clinical skillsets necessary to practice perioperative medicine, lead diverse perioperative teams, and design clinical quality initiatives.  Professionals currently in clinical practice are eligible regardless of practice location and specialty.

We are excited to announce our new SPAQI fellowship! This is a unique educational, leadership, and professional development opportunity that pairs each fellow with an expert in perioperative medicine to receive mentorship on the design and implementation of a clinical project at the fellow’s home institution. In addition, our fellows will participate in virtual group discussions of key topics in perioperative medicine, prehabilitation and quality improvement—all led by national and international experts.

The SPAQI fellowship is a one-year virtual program with weekly group mentorship sessions focused upon a series of key topics in perioperative medicine and quality improvement:

  • Basics of Quality Improvement: problem identification, scoping a project, metric selection 

  • Perioperative program design and implementation

  • Staffing and billing models

  • Team management

  • Value-based models of care

  • Leadership skills

  • Evaluation, management, and systems-based approaches to common comorbidities (including CV disease, pulmonary disease, anemia, OSA, chronic pain)

  • Prehabilitation

  • Scholarship dissemination

Upon successful completion of the program, our fellows will be acknowledged as a Distinguished Fellow in Perioperative Medicine (DFPM).

Jeanna Blitz, MD, DFPM
Fellowship Co-Director
Duke University School of Medicine
Durham, NC

Angela F. Edwards, MD, DFPM, FASA
Fellowship Co-Director
Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
Winston-Salem, NC