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SPAQI Perioperative Medicine Fellowship Opportunity

SPAQI DFPM™ Eligibility Requirements

1. DFPM™ Eligibility Criteria
  • Current member of SPAQI in good standing.
  • Minimum 2 years of membership in the organization prior to fellowship application.
  • Completion of SPAQI Perioperative Medicine Fellowship program with completion of capstone project as outlined or service as 1:1 mentor for a designated SPAQI PM Fellow during their fellowship experience

2. Dedication to the Profession

Distinguished Perioperative Medicine Fellows must demonstrate outstanding dedication to the profession in at least 4 of the following areas:

  • Distinction in perioperative medicine practice ( actively working in a preoperative clinic), education, research, or healthcare management
  • Leadership in medicine and healthcare
  • Professional involvement
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Commitment to service in future fellowship programs
  • Established reputation for contributions to SPAQI (see below)

3. Commitment to Professional Volunteerism

  • Upon acceptance, Distinguished Fellows commit to contribute to SPAQI by engaging in professional volunteerism. Distinguished Fellows must have set an example through their involvement with newsletters, subcommittees, and the perioperative medicine summit as well as continuing to provide leadership and talent to the organization as needed. Given the important role and influence DFPMs can make in the profession, SPAQI leadership cemented this long-standing tradition as an ongoing expectation of Distinguished Fellows.
  • During the application process, prospective Distinguished Fellows are asked to submit a form indicating their preferred areas of impact and interest in the practice of perioperative medicine.