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SPAQI Perioperative Medicine Fellowship Opportunity

The SPAQI Perioperative Medicine Fellowship Program is open to physicians at any career stage who are interested in additional training in the specialty of perioperative medicine while retaining his/her current professional role.

This 12-month program is designed to create the next generation of leaders in Perioperative Medicine.  Participants will learn the skillset necessary to practice perioperative medicine, design clinical quality initiatives, and lead a diverse POM team from a faculty of leaders in active clinical practice across the United States.

The fellowship is tailored to physicians with limited to moderate experience conducting quality improvement and/or patient safety initiatives in the perioperative setting.

Proposed Format of Curriculum:

  • Viewing online lecture, completion of post-lecture assessment, and participation in a discussion forum (1-2 hour commitment) – twice per month
  • Active participation/ presentation in zoom-based discussion with other fellows and faculty (1 hour commitment)- once per month
  • Capstone project planning and presentation with workgroup and mentor once per month (2-6 hours commitment per month)
  • A brief (1-3 page) written update/ progress report will be due mid-fellowship, and a final slide presentation of the project will be due at culmination of the fellowship
  • Submission of a research or innovations abstract for presentation at the Perioperative Medicine Summit following completion of the program
  • The program is competency and time-based, with specific goals and benchmarks to determine successful completion, including demonstrated mastery of clinical topics.  A key requirement for successful completion of the fellowship is the design and implementation of a quality improvement initiative at the fellow’s own clinical environment. 
  • Feedback regarding whether or not goals have been met will be given on a regular basis by the faculty mentor

Application Elements:

  • A personal statement describing the applicant’s current work environment, interest in perioperative medicine, and explanation of how the fellowship will enhance the applicant’s professional growth.
  • A brief overview of potential quality improvement project or topics of interest, along with anticipated barriers to completion of the project, and description of how the project may enhance the quality of perioperative care delivery in the physician’s own clinical system.
  • Current CV
  • Current member of SPAQI and in active clinical practice
  • A letter of support from a clinical supervisor describing the applicant’s leadership potential and clinical engagement.

Application Deadline: The completed application form must be received by July 1, 2021
Notification to Applicants: The selection committee will review all applications and notify the mentee/mentor pairs by July 30, 2021
Fee: $3200 - Includes registration for one Perioperative Medicine Summit and fellow designation upon completion
Please complete the online application by July 1, 2021-11:59 pm.